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Hello everyone! I just moved to Bratislava for work and my masters degree and I am looking for some friends around here to help me learn the language, the culture, and basically anything else! I absolutely love it here, but it is hard to find the nice places when you have no idea where they are or even where to look. Thanks everyone!
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i don't know how new you are to bratislava, but if you haven't been to "1. Slovak Pub" yet, you've got to go. they have delicious food and beer and a very international crowd. also fun is taking an afternoon stroll through the old town and down to the river and taking in everything that's going on. it's very peaceful.

i miss bratislava now :(
Yeah, I just got here about 2 weeks ago, and most of that time has been rushing around trying to get our office set up and a place for me to live, so I haven't really been out. Where is this Slovak Pub?
here is their website. and here is a map of where they are:
View Larger Map it's pretty much right smack in the middle of the city.
awesome! Thank you!
What sort of things are you interested in? The maybe not so hot things natives do, or clubby things, or artistic things or cultural events?
There is tons to do in Bratislava! And Vienna is very close by bus, I'm sure you know that already.
I am interested in basically anything. I want to learn the culture and discover what this place has to offer. Any suggestions?