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Cau! Som Slovenka co zije uz 20 rokov v Amerike a moja Slovencna neni velmi dobra, dufam ze budete moct mi rozumiet. Len som chcela povedat ze je to super ze niekto urobil Slovensku LJ Community. Idem zazjtra aj z mamou naspet na Slovensko lebo babka ma 70 narodeniny, a pojdeme aj do Budapest aj do Prahi. Njesom velmi nadsena z toho ze budeme letet 16 hodin ale cho sa da robit? Kebi nejkot vediel o nejky dobri shopping v Blave, Prahe, alebo Budapesti, povedzte mi! Dakuje a drzte sa!

In English:

Hi! I'm a Slovak chick living in America (Seattle, to be precise). I've been here about 20 years now so my Slovak (especially when I'm writting) is pitiable. I hope you can understand whatever I said up there ;) I'm happy to see someone has made a Slovak LJ community, we are sadly unrepresented! I'm leaving to go to Slovakia tomorrow with my mom to visit my grandma for her 70th bithday. We'll also being going to Vienna, Budapest and Prague. I'm not terribly excited about the 16 hour plane trip (including layovers), but whatcha gonna do? Hey, if anyone knows of any fabulous shopping in Bratislave, Prague, Budapest or Vienna, let me know!
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