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Slovenská Republika's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Slovenská Republika

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Dobre! [ 22 Jul 2008 | 04.04 pm ]

Hello everyone! I just moved to Bratislava for work and my masters degree and I am looking for some friends around here to help me learn the language, the culture, and basically anything else! I absolutely love it here, but it is hard to find the nice places when you have no idea where they are or even where to look. Thanks everyone!

15 icons of Slovakia [ 31 Mar 2008 | 10.38 pm ]

. 15 . stock_Slovakia by all_feeling
. 15 . stock_Italy by lauradumb


The rest is HERE @ dumb_feeling

Ahojte [ 07 Nov 2006 | 08.48 am ]

Hey, I'm an American living and working in the Levice district of Slovakia. I'm sorry I don't know Slovak, but I'm trying very hard to learn. Anyway, I think Slovakia is a great place with beautiful scenery, women and excellent food. I'm here until July '07, and I thought I'd say hi to everyone here since I just joined the community. Here's a picture of me taken by my girlfriend in Poprad [I love the Tatras!!]:

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Feel free to write me and say hi--I'm actually living in Zeliezovce, and I get kind of bored sometimes.


[ 23 Oct 2006 | 11.29 pm ]

Hi everybody!

i'm gonna be an exchange student in slovakia next year, can you guys tell me something about the school system/ something else really just basic information about slovakia? though it's almost a year before i set off, i think i need the time to prepare... :) i'm 17 now and living in finland (my second last year of the finnish upper secondary) and there's no possibility to learn the language in forehand... i have studied russian for a year now though and i hope that could help me, at least a little, or what do you think?


[ 15 Sep 2006 | 12.33 pm ]

Ahojky! :)

Preco tu nikto nie je?
Kde ste?

Fotky Slovenska


Ahoj! [ 01 Jul 2006 | 04.24 am ]

Hey everyone! My name is Elizabeth, but my friends from SK call me Betka...call me either one. I went to slovakia for the 2004-2005 school year as an exchange student. It was amazing and I want to go back with all of my heart! I lived in Zilina. I just joined this community, and wanted to introduce myself, so...Ahojte!

Vitaj! [ 09 May 2006 | 12.13 pm ]

Po SlovenskiCollapse )

In English:

Hi! I'm a Slovak chick living in America (Seattle, to be precise). I've been here about 20 years now so my Slovak (especially when I'm writting) is pitiable. I hope you can understand whatever I said up there ;) I'm happy to see someone has made a Slovak LJ community, we are sadly unrepresented! I'm leaving to go to Slovakia tomorrow with my mom to visit my grandma for her 70th bithday. We'll also being going to Vienna, Budapest and Prague. I'm not terribly excited about the 16 hour plane trip (including layovers), but whatcha gonna do? Hey, if anyone knows of any fabulous shopping in Bratislave, Prague, Budapest or Vienna, let me know!

[ 23 Nov 2005 | 03.45 pm ]

jo! jak se mate, a kde jste? at' se predstavim, jsem bulharin, bydlim ted' v kanade, a kdy jsem byl maly jsem zivel v praze(cz). tady v kanade mam ale dobry pritely ktery jsou slovaci, a jsem z nich velmy o slovensko naucil. bych chtel se poznat so slovaci a slovensky z lj.... skoda ze neni mnoho clenov v toto community, musime delat reklamu!!!

(ps - prominte, ne mohu dobre ni cesky ni slovensky psat, doufam ze vsak se ale rozumime)

I think we can all agree that Slovakia kicks ass. [ 29 Jul 2005 | 07.17 pm ]

Feel free to post stories, questions, pictures, and whatever else here.

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